5 Common English Phrases to Help You Get Around


Students ask me all the time for common English phrases for them to memorize. Having a few phrases memorized can be incredibly useful when you're traveling to a new place, or on a business trip for work. 
Keep these common English phrases in your back pocket in case of emergency:
1. Thank you very much.
This is perhaps the most common phrase in English. You can say "thank you" whenever someone gives you something, such as directions, your change, or even just a bit of their time. Using this phrase will make you seem both polite and friendly!
2. You're welcome.
"You're welcome" is essentially the opposite phrase to "thank you," and can be used whenever you give someone else something. If someone asks you for directions, then thanks you after you've helped them, saying "you're welcome" shows that you are happy to have helped them when they needed it.
3. Excuse me.
If you are lost in a new city and need help finding your way, using the phrase "excuse me" can help you get someone's attention. For example, you can go up to a stranger and say: "Excuse me, could you tell me where Smith Street is, please?" They'll be happy to help you from there!
4. Never mind.
"Never mind" is another very useful phrase which is used quite frequently in English. If you ask a question, then find the information yourself, you can say "never mind," and the person you're speaking with will know you've found what you're looking for. 
For example:
A: "Can you send me that spreadsheet again? I can't find it."
B: "Of course. Give me one minute."
A: "Oh, never mind. I found it. Thank you, though!"
5. Could you repeat that, please?
This phrase is very important for learners of English. If you didn't understand someone, or you thought they were speaking too quickly, you can ask them, "Could you repeat that, please?" They'll know that you didn't hear them properly, and need to hear the information again to understand.
If you are just starting out with learning English, these phrases can be very useful. Remember to take things slowly, and try to memorize a few new phrases a week to help you get by. Practice makes perfect, after all! And if you want even more, specialized and personalized help learning English, remember to sign up for lessons with YES - Your English School!