6 Small Talk Starters to Improve Your Business Relations


Running a successful business isn't just about keeping on top of demand and managing employees. Perhaps one of the most important things about running a business is client relations. The key to successful client relations is getting to know your client and their needs. One of the best ways to do this? Small talk.
While small talk may seem like empty chatter to some, it can help impact your business in a positive way and make you more successful! Small talk might seem like a small topic, but it's a great way to get to you know your clients, both on a personal and professional level. (It's especially good if your clients are American, as they love small talk!)
By getting to know the people you work with better through small talk, you get a clearer picture of what they need from your business, which is perfect any way you look at it! Here are some conversation to help get you started and help your business flourish.
1. Weather
It might seem like a stereotype to talk about the weather, but it's a great ice breaker when meeting someone for the first time. This topic can be especially good if you're meeting someone from a different country that has different weather than your own. Just remember that if you start with talking about the weather, you can easily segue into other conversation topics.
For example: This is some crazy weather we're having, isn't it? It's been raining for a week! What's the weather like where you're from?
2. News
Talking about current events or the news is also an easy way to start talking to someone. However, this one comes with some risks. Try to avoid any news piece that could be too controversial. People feel very strongly about politics, so try to steer clear of things like an election, a political scandal, or a new policy. You don't want to offend your client before you even begin!
For example: Did you see the story on the news about the man who ran into a burning building to save a puppy? It happened quite close to here!
3. Entertainment
If you work in media, the entertainment business could be a handy conversation starter. Your client may be in tune with the goings on in Hollywood, or maybe they're a big fan of movies. You never know until you ask! 
For example: Have you seen the new "It" movie? I want to see it, but I'm also afraid of clowns.
4. Compliments
Who doesn't love a compliment? A good compliment can make you feel great for the rest of the day, so why not put your client in a good mood from the get go?
For example: What a beautiful shirt you have on! Where did you get it?
5. Travel
Most people love traveling to new places, and people love talking about themselves, so try asking about any recent trips they may have been on. If it's December and your conversation partner looks like they have a fresh tan, ask if they've been anywhere warm recently. If they've been somewhere you've never been, even better! Ask them for some travel tips. You'll have some great new places to check out the next time you're on vacation, and you'll have something to talk about when you meet them again.
For example: Wow, you were just in Spain for three weeks? I've never been. What was the best thing you did there?
6. The Day
Another easy small talk starter is simply asking about their day. As we said above, people love talking about themselves, and this is perhaps the easiest small talk topic. Ask your client how their day/weekend/week was, and you're sure to get a response. You'll be off to a great conversation in no time!
For example: How has your day been so far? I hope it hasn't been too stressful.
Give these six conversation starters a shot the next time you meet a client. A client who feels like you know them and their needs is much more likely to stay with your business! 
If you feel that you or your employees need some practice when it comes to small talk, make sure to contact us. Our qualified English trainers can help you and your business become more successful through some of our many different training options. We at YES - Your English School look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you!