Why You Should Learn English: A Guide


Have you not taken an English class since you were 16? Do you think you don't really need it? Or are you hesitant to take the plunge and start lessons?
No need to fear! Here you'll find five good reasons why you should start taking English lessons. You'll improve before you know it.

1. English is the Lingua Franca
Everything is in English nowadays! From the Internet, to science, to movies, hearing English is par for the course. If you want to be able to communicate clearly the world over, you should definitely start taking an English lesson or two.

2. It Can Help Get You a Job
Need a leg up in your next job interview? Speaking more than one language is a powerful thing, and will put you above the competition. If you speak English, you'll be able to communicate in other countries as well as your own, and help you to expand your business.

3. You'll be Better Educated
Learning a foreign language helps expand your brainpower. You'll learn to think in new ways, be able to read books and the news in English, and generally expand your knowledge of the world!

4. You Can Learn About New Cultures
No language course is complete without learning about culture. When you learn English, you'll learn about the American, British, Irish, New Zealand, and Australian cultures as well! Then with all of your new language skills, you'll be able to travel to these places. How great is that?

5. You'll Find Out That English Isn't That Hard
English has a reputation of being a difficult language. There are times when it is, but English is really a collection of all different languages. This means that there is most likely a word from your mother tongue in English. If you took Latin as a student, that will also help you a lot as the structure of English is based on Latin.

Why not give it a shot and sign up with one of our wonderful trainers today? They'll have you speaking fluently in no time!