Kick-Off-Test für Englisch

Anmerkungen in Englisch
The areas marked with a star must be filled out. The others are optional.

*Last name
*First name
English at school
How long
English courses attended following completion of school
How long
Stays in English-speaking countries
How long
I am interested in
Group training
Private tuition
I would like lessons on
I would like lessons at
8.00 o´clock 9.00 o´clock 10.00 o´clock
11.00 o´clock 12.00 o´clock 13.00 o´clock
14.00 o´clock 15.00 o´clock 16.00 o´clock
17.00 o´clock 18.00 o´clock 19.00 o´clock
20.00 o´clock
I would like
training once a week
training several times a week
intensive training
Assessment of Needs
The following general learning objectives are important to me:
Being able to express myself orally in the English language
Vocabulary development
Grammar improvement
Correct pronunciation
Being able to express myself in writing in the English language
Concentration on business-related topics and vocabulary
Final examination (officially recognized)
Additional comments:
I assess my command of the language as follows:
Beginner with basic knowledge
Good command of the language, little spoken practice
Good basic knowledge, little spoken practice
Good command of language, good grammar
How do you feel when other people are present whose command of the English language is better and/or worse than yours?
Please give a short description of your work:
Which vocabulary/specific subjects is/are relevant for your occupation?
What do you need English for?
often  rarely  never 
Special topics (e.g. work-related)
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
Customer service
often  rarely  never 
Small Talk
often  rarely  never 
often  rarely  never 
The purpose of this test is to assess your existing knowledge of the English language. Only one answer is correct.

Please complete the test entirely on your own (no dictionaries, etc.); otherwise it will be impossible to assess you accurately. Should you get the feeling you are only guessing, please stop writing.

Good luck!

Part 1: Please choose the right tense:
Example: We ____ to the pub yesterday.
go  did went  are going  went
1) Mrs. Harrison ____ to work every day.
goes  is going  had gone  was going
2) How ____ you feel today?
do  are  did  were
3) Have you ever ____ him?
meet  met  did meet  meeting
4) She didn't ____ that letter, she dictated it.
wrote  written  write  not write
5) I ____ him before I went out.
did phone  phoned  have phoned  had phoned
6) If the weather ____ fine, we will go swimming.
was  is  will be  would be
7) I ____ if I found the time.
will go  was going  would go  had gone
8) If they ____ the car, it wouldn't have been stolen.
locked  had locked  have locked  lock
Part 2: Please choose the right preposition:
Example: I will help you ____ your work.
with  about  in  for
9) I am looking ____ my keys.Have you seen them?
at  on  for  over
10) The meeting will be held ____ Friday, 3 August.
at  on  in  with
11) He is very good ____ physics.
on  in  for  at
12) I don't understand. What are you talking ____?
on  about  of  at
13) We will meet ____ the cinema, okay? Please be ____ time.
on -- on  about -- in  at -- on  within -- on
14) They enjoy walking ____ the beach.
at  in  over  along
She can't just take the money ____ she asks permission first.
when  unless  whether  and
16) I'll wait here ____ she arrives.
until  til  untill  'til
17) If something is transparent you can see right ____ it.
over  behind  through  in
Part 3: Vocabulary. Please choose the right word:
Example: He is a ____ businessman.
best  good  well  gooder
18) My friend is a hard worker. He has never been ____.
industrious  still  lazy  cool
19) Can't you be polite? Don't be so ____.
nice  quiet  funny  rude
20) She is a good swimmer. She swims very ____.
slow  well  good  awful
21) The lawyer has got a lot of ____ clients.
different  few  any  many
22) If you want to buy a pen and paper go to the ____.
pharmacy  stationary 
butcher's  stationery
23) Could I see your license, please? Sure. ____.
Please for you  Please  Here you are  Here is it
24) ____ goes to Cuba will find the climate beautiful.
Wherever  Whoever  Whenever  Whichever
25) Those important documents are ____ confidential.
likely  strictly  hardly  firmly
26) We have ____ a lot of photographs during our holidays.
made  done  taken  created
Part 4: Miscellaneous (gemischt):
27) We could ____ see the coast since there was so much fog.
hard  harder  hardsome  hardly
28) He ____ lifted the baby out of the cradle.
caring  carefully  careful  with care
29) ____ you seen the latest film with Sean Connery?
Do  Did  Have  Had
30) An error seems ____ in your last shipping invoice.
to be 
to have been 
is made  have been 
She ____ some documents when her boss suddenly came in.
checked  has
32) She couldn't sign up for the seminar and ____.
me either  me too  I neither  I couldn't either
33) According to him, she is the ____ girl in the world.
beautifullest  more
beautiful  most
34) He was aware of the complexity of the matter and ____.
so was I  I too  so I was  me also
Part 5: Gerund or Infinitive. (-ing form or (to +) verb):
Example: I enjoy (go) on business trips.
35) Did you remember (close) the gate?
36) I didn't feel like (go) to the office.
Would you rather (stay) at home or do you feel like (go) out?
She made me (repeat) all the irregular verbs (make) sure that I understood everything.
We got tired of (wait) for the sun (come) out.
They used (cycle) a lot but they haven't had the chance (do) it very often since they moved to the city.
It is no use (try) (interrupt) him.
He kept (look) back, because he was afraid of (be) followed.
She claimed (be able) (tell) the future by (gaze) into a crystal ball.
A lot of people prefer (spend) money to (earn) it.
Part 6: Written exercise for Kick-Off-Test
Please choose one of the following questions and answer it as best you can:
What is your favourite country and why?
Do you prefer books or films? Please give reasons.
Describe the personality of your best friend.
Why is health more important than money?

If you ruled the world what would you like to change and why?
Describe your company's most popular product or service.
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